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Simon Says: Our Takeaways from the Kerfuffle X Rex Software Spotlight

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We’re heading towards £300 billion in property sales through Rex

We're heading towards £300 billion in property sales through Rex. Celebrating the amazing success of Rex in the UK and around the world.

Inside Rex Software
Our 9 top questions for your CRM provider

When it comes to considering a CRM move, there are a lot of options available now, and it is often pretty tricky to compare apples with apples. To help in your search for a new CRM partner that matches your needs, we’ve pulled together our top 9 questions you should be asking.

Tips & Updates
Meet Rex Live Dashboards, your new best friend

Revolutionising Rex’s reporting capabilities has been a big, hairy goal of ours for some time now it's great to announce our first three Live Dashboards are here! It's the culmination of a lot of the robust feedback you have given us over the years in terms of reporting. 

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Introducing Rex + Zapier Integration

With Rex and Zapier you can now build your own agency automations to make your business processes. Automate the mundane tasks in your real estate agency and spend more time on the things that matter

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Introducing Rex Zaps

If you are new to Rex + Zapier automation and not sure what all the talk of ‘zaps’ is really about we’ve broken down the basics here

Tips & Updates
Why automate? The benefits of agency automation

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Get your copy of the 2021 handbook for managing customer relationships in the next normal

Making prospects feel like they’re your number one priority is easy when you’re only dealing with a handful of people. But multiply that by hundreds or even thousands of contacts, and it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. 

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We’ve got a date with the best minds in the industry, and you’re invited…

What do you get when you combine 40 speakers, insightful roundtables and a bunch of exclusive offers? A whole lot of inspiration and tools to help you fill your pipeline for 2021 and beyond!

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Find out how your agency's CRM maturity stacks up to industry benchmarks in just 5 minutes

Ever wondered how your real estate agency stacks up to industry benchmarks? What you’re doing well? Or what aspects of your business could be improved? Well, now you can find out in just five minutes. 

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