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How to spot a well-designed tech tool for your estate agency

The thing about product design is that if it’s good, you won’t even notice it. The product will just be enjoyable and easy to use. But if it’s bad, there’ll be friction...

Tips & Updates
Rex now integrates with your favourite e-Sign providers

We’ve built an integration with DocuSign and HelloSign so you can send documents and collect e-signatures, all from within Rex.

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Meet our Customer Care Team

Tips & Updates
What the UK Government’s response to COVID-19 means for your estate agency

Things are moving fast in this new COVID-19 world. We want to do our bit and help you stay informed.

Tips & Updates
How to beat a smartphone addiction when you’re an estate agent

Claustrophobia, arachnophobia, acrophobia...these are well-known fears affecting a significant portion of our population. However, there is a lesser-known phobia that’s starting to affect more and more of us: nomophobia. 

Tips & Updates
A winning combination: pick ‘n mix the best practices from Aus

The Australian agent is a very different beast to his or her British counterpart - and it’s not just because we live in houses on stilts, start our day with Vegemite on toast or say “G’Day”. 

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Welcome to our brand spanking new website!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website!

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