Cash Flow & Payment Tracking

Simplified agency financials, now more lightweight than ever

Rex’s invoicing capability provides a full receivables management solution for your estate agency. Commission and other invoices can be generated on the fly. Rex also includes payment (and overdue) tracking and the ability to issue refunds, credit notes and receipts.

Access to each receivables/financials feature is closely controlled via fine-grained privilege settings designed to keep your financial data safe and accurate.


Comprehensive cash-flow and overdue invoice reports

Rex provides detailed cash-flow reporting to show all key invoice transactions and invoice status.  Rex reporting centre includes agency reports for invoices issued in a given period, invoices due, all unpaid invoices and invoices that are unpaid and are past due.


Agent expense invoicing

Invoices can be designated as either a ‘contact’ or an ‘agent’ invoice. Rex’s invoice reporting capability includes the ability to track and reporting on agent invoices separately from those issued to clients. Payments and credits for agent invoices are dealt with in the same simple manner as standard invoices issued to clients.

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