Personalised communications

Effortlessly service your clients as if they're the only one

All of Rex’s automatic interactions with your clients are tailored to their personal requirements. A client might be a long-term investor with extraordinarily specific requirements. They might also be urgently looking for a high-end property to lease. Rex’s custom match profiles and campaign settings can accommodate both scenarios to help you provide exceptional client service, with minimal effort.


Fine-grained property campaign settings

Rex can automatically notify applicants when you list a property that matches their specific requirements, using intelligent Match Profiles.

Every contact's profile includes fine-grained campaign settings so you can specify communication medium (SMS, email or both), send frequency (from immediately to once every 12 months) and even a time of day to send. Rex can also send a price reduction alert for listings previously been sent.


Auto-generate tailored email or printed stock-lists

Create a personalist stock list of properties that match an applicant’s interests, or send them a tailored brochure in your agency’s branding. This is property sales as it should be – personable and personalised.

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