Contact Management

Tools to help you build, manage and deepen relationships with your clients

Contact management is the most important feature of any online estate agent software. Rex makes sure all the information you need is available when you need it.

Contact records have been designed to provide valuable context at a glance, allowing your agents to have a meaningful conversation every time. From call history to notes, letters, emails and SMS correspondence right through to related tasks and custom data – Rex has it all.


Create company contacts to identify corporate clients

To help you keep track of your clients’ employers and corporate vendors for both commercial and residential listings, Rex supports company contact types.

Using different contact types also allows you to segment your data to ensure you’re not marketing in a personal way to corporate clients.


Track relationships between contacts in your database

Rex helps your agency to build an interconnected web of relationships between the people and properties in your local area.

Past clients can make introductions and put you in touch with colleagues who want to do business; families are often influential in property purchasing decisions. Link individual contacts to other contacts or company records in Rex to get a bird's-eye view of your community and the relationships within it.


See a contact's history with your estate agency

Rex arms your agents with rich contact profile information and a complete history of interactions with every prospect, applicant and client in your agency database.

Easy access to this information drives more relevant and personalised communications. Smart search and filter functionality keeps it all at your fingertips when canvassing your area or following up a lead.


Deeper contact-to-property relationships

Connecting contact history to contacts’ related properties (and vice versa) gives your agents inside information on every touch point, with every person, and every property in your database.

With Rex, your agents can leverage the power of the relationships your estate agency has already established.


Bulk export contact data to CSV or html reports

Users with appropriate permissions can export some or all of the data available in the contact record, making it easy to drill down and analyse your contact data to identify leads. This includes custom data and tags that are specific to your agency.


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