Prospect your database to win more instructions

Sure Rex is an estate agency CRM that hosts all your contacts and properties, but we’ve built in more than that. Rex comes with a set of tools that make prospecting within your database quick and easy.

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Every day more than 1500 agencies are using prospecting tools in Rex CRM win instructions, including:
Fine & Country

The prospecting tools
inside Rex CRM

Auto-send SMS and emails

With a bunch of templates ready to go, you can streamline your follow-ups letting Rex send emails and SMS automatically.

Built-in workflows we call ‘Tracks’

Allocate a contact to a track and make sure you stay in touch with them.

Land registry integration

Build out your entire patch with a direct import of all the properties, street by street. See who you already know, and who you can add to a prospecting track.

91% of contacts not contacted

According to AI-powered proptech AiRE Software, recent studies of agency databases show that as much as 91% of contacts haven’t been engaged in the past six months. Who have you missed talking to?

Set and forget.
Without the regret.

Use our pre-set tracks, or create your own, and allocate to your contacts. Then sit back and know that you have a steady stream of useful and engaging content and conversations going to your database.
Recent buyers track
Anniversary track
Hot prospects track
Plus more in our Top Tracks ebook

Mix and match.
Something for everyone.

You want to send a quick Happy Birthday message –SMS is great for that. Then you have your monthly newsletter of just solds and local news – that’s an email. Using a mix and match approach to channels lets you use what’s right for the job.
Letters to print out
Phone calls

In-database canvassing

Prospecting inside your database is all about keeping your communications on brand, being authentic and keeping it fresh. That’s where Rex CRM is a real winner - giving you all the options to customise not just what you say, but how and when you say it.

Use Rex Tracks to prospect from your database

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If I didn’t have Rex, I’d probably be doing a third of the calls, tasks… everything that I’m doing. It keeps me accountable.

Graeme Carmichael
Sales Manager for Agent Growth at LJ Hooker Property Centre

Keep your instruction volume on track

When you open your new Rex CRM account you’ll find more than 30 pre-set workflows or tracks to start your journey to building consistent communication programs and lifelong customer relationships.

We’ve put the top 9 into this handy ebook resource. 

Cold Prospect

Warm Prospect

Hot Prospect

Cold Valuation

Warm Valuation

Past Sellers

Past Buyers


Sell with online Agent

See More +

See Less -

Learn how these tracks can drive for your prospecting activities.

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With tracks for prospecting, everyone loves Rex.

Not just a CRM for better client experiences. Rex gives all your staff the tools they need to do their jobs, better.
Agents love Rex
Rex Software is easily the most efficient and effective way to maintain a healthy database.

Dan D'Silva
Watt Realty
Admins love Rex
The day that we switched Rex on, no one actually really knew the difference. It all ran perfectly.

Emily Megraw
LJ Hooker Nerang
Owners love Rex
The ease of use of Rex means our agents are far more likely to input the data they receive … it makes their (and my) life significantly easier.
Michael Whittaker
Bathurst Real Estate

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Can I create my own tracks?

Yes, and we 100% support this. Think about how you would stay in touch with owners if you only had 1 street in your patch. Building your own program of communications lets you take your own unique approach and automate it so you can be you, at scale

When do I create my own email templates?

Rex CRM comes with some great email templates, but they are very generic. Our Follow-up Valuation email template for Just Listed property is a great one to take a look at and update to match your agency’s brand, style and personality. If everyone using the Rex CRM sent out the same emails, the value would be lost, so use our templates as a guide and follow your nose.

How often should I contact a homeowner who bought last year?

Consistency is one of the keys to building a great relationship - it’s the winning formula behind legendary brands by McDonalds. So start at the pace you want to keep up. We usually suggest a quarterly approach as that allows you to build up some really valuable resources to share. Consider using seasonal templates and vary the stories you are sharing: market updates, renovation tips, major council projects - there is loads you talk about.

How does Rex help with door knocking?

Using the Land Registry integration you can quickly build a list of properties you want hit. With all that data flowing straight to your Rex Mobile app you’ll be able to have quick and relevant conversation when the door opens and quick add the contact and link to the property. How much more value can you get from 30 mins of door knocking with Rex in your pocket

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