Your guide to creating an estate agency tech stack that works.

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Suffering from growing pains?

Productivity slowing down?

Competitors building momentum?

Data security not up to scratch?

Software keeps dropping off? Or breaking?

Sound familiar? If you answered yes to one or more of these, now is a great time to read this ebook.

A successful estate agency tech stack integrates multiple technologies into a single cutting edge platform that is innovative, flexible and reliable. Each component of the stack should work complement the rest to create a seamless experience for your prospects, clients and your staff.

Most importantly, every product in your tech stack should work together towards a common goal of supporting your agents and admin to maximise every opportunity.

What you'll learn:

The types of tools in an estate agency tech stack (+ what you might be missing)

How to create a tech stack with our cheat sheet

Top tips for a successful tech stack

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Technology can help automate practically anything. The key is to work out where your team’s efforts are being wasted, and where time can be freed up to spend on more cost-productive activities such as face-to-face relationship nurturing. This eBook uncovers the tools in an estate agency tech stack, what you may be using and what you're missing.

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