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Pocket by Rex is the fully-featured mobile CRM app for estate agents.
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Pocket keeps you working from your phone

Quick access to property details and appraisals

Match applicants to listings that fit their needs

Use reverse applicant matching to show homeowners the power of your database 

Add, change status and view contracts

Stay up-to-date with announcements in your agency

Break the chains to your desk and work where you want, when you want

Whether you’re running inspections, door-knocking, meeting with clients, appraising a property or just picking up groceries, Pocket by Rex keeps you connected and makes sure you never miss a step or lose an opportunity. 

Seamless call workflows

Need to follow up a client? Swipe to call, have a chat, then add any feedback or notes to their contact record. It’s that easy. Leave the ‘post-it’ notes in the stationary cabinet.

Applicant enquiries on the go

Managing leads and inspections couldn’t be simpler.
Add new applicants and their requirements on the go, then email or text them e-brochures in a few taps.

Update your database

Anything on paper is going to get lost. Never let precious data slip through the cracks again. Add and edit listing, contact and property records on the go.

OABs on the road

Spot another agent’s board in your local area while you’re out and about? Log it, and set a reminder to follow up the owner in a few weeks.

Best practice follow-up in 3, 2, 1

Bored in a cafe? Why not tick off a bunch of reminders and let your clients know you are thinking about them. Swipe to SMS or email, choose your template, hit send and you are done.

More efficient canvassing coverage

Rex will automatically send a match alert when you list something that meets their requirements.
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