Your guide to creating a estate agency tech stack that works

A successful estate agency tech stack integrates multiple technologies into a single cutting edge platform that is innovative, flexible and reliable.
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Your guide to creating an estate agency tech stack that works cover
Chapter 1

Tech stack explained

No matter what that changing social and economic environment brings, running an efficient real estate business is still the key to remaining competitive.

If you can complete tasks with minimal error in a short period, you will end up with more time on your hands. And having more time allows you to allocate hours to tasks that drive business growth and are of higher importance.

This is ultimately achievable by putting procedures, processes and the right technology infrastructure in place.

Your technology stacks (or tech stacks for short) plays a vital role in boosting your efficiency, as well as reducing your risk profile and margin for error.

Tech stack
A technology stack (or tech stack, for short) refers to a set of technologies, software, and tools that a company uses to manage its core functions. 

You all have a tech stack, but for many it is an unplanned and unmanaged basket of tools that have been thrown into the blender. What makes a successful tech stack? It is focused on delivering agreed outcomes, that seamlessly connects the applications and ensures they work together (nicely). 

While each tool on their own needs to be a winner in its class, it is the ability to link them all together into a single platform that will allow you to create a seamless experience for your prospects, your clients and your staff.

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