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One Agency Ward Real Estate

One Agency Ward Real Estate is part of the One Agency family. Principal John Ward - marketing, advertising and sales guru, and award-winning agent - leads the pack, based in Brisbane’s North.

After a six-year stint in the Australian Army, John Ward spent 15 years in sales management roles before he made the leap into real estate. Now, John runs a tight ship - providing the One Agency Ward Real Estate team with the know-how (and the tech) to ensure his business lives up to its hard-earned reputation for highly efficient service and attention to detail.  

But it wasn’t always that way.

Kissing (real estate CRM) frogs

The people of Brisbane are spoiled for choice when it comes to real estate agents. But John wanted his agents to stand out from the crowd. What he needed was a point of difference, and he knew the right tech could give him that.   

Over the years, John’s kissed a couple of frogs. He’s used around six CRMs - and he tells us they were all frustratingly rigid or unnecessarily complex. 

“Other CRMs are generally designed around what I call a cookie-cutter way of operating."
John Ward
Principal at One Agency

“They are usually designed around a certain style of real estate business or even agents’ training. I find CRMs like this to be restrictive in being creative and different.”

He wanted a system his agents could customise - and we don’t mean just changing font size.

John wanted a system that would give his team them the tools to improve communication between agent and vendor, and reassure customers that they are valued - without compromising productivity.

Challenge accepted, problem solved

We know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everyone.  That’s why we give you a heap of options to tweak the system, if you’re so inclined. It’s your business, after all.

Using Rex, One Agency Ward cleaned their customer data and checked where every contact sat in the real estate cycle, adding custom tags as they went. They’ve also built their own tracks, along with template SMS, emails and letters. Now, when one of their clients is considering downsizing for example, they receive a bunch of helpful emails on the topic. Handy.

There is no doubt that John’s clients will appreciate the personalised service Rex makes possible. And, as he tells us, “No other system that I am aware of can do this the same way as Rex can”.


John Ward tried half a dozen CRMs – all of which forced his team to work in a ‘cookie cutter’ way. With Rex, his system is moulded to his agency instead of the other way round.




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