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You can do organise everything you need to from within Rex

We’ve anticipated every use case and built a calendar from the ground up specifically for estate agents, agencies and support staff. You can do everything you need to from within Rex. If you want to keep your external calendars, for whatever reason, Rex supports two-way sync with all the popular calendar providers including Gmail, Apple, Outlook and more. Rex truly is your single point of truth.

Fully-featured calendar built for estate agencies

Within Rex, you’ll get a fully-functioning calendar system—complete with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from providers like Outlook and Google. Manage all your viewings, valuations, auctions, and open homes from the one place, inside your CRM.

Elegant interface with multiple calendar views

All of your staff need to be able to see, at a glance, what they’ve got on on any given day. Rex’s calendar functionality lets you navigate between day, week, month and agenda view to make scheduling and staying on top of all your appointments as easy as possible. You can even colour code your calendar events by appointment type, or by calendar.

Add guests to calendar events

You can easily add contacts to viewings in your Rex calendar, and invite other Rex users to internal meetings, or mix and match.

Schedule recurring events using granular settings

You'll likely hold scheduled meetings, whether that's on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or perhaps even every third Monday. Scheduling those meetings from scratch in every attendee's calendar, every time, not only consumes time and energy - it leaves room for error. Rex allows you to schedule your recurring meetings in advance.

See upcoming appointments on record screens

Because Rex's calendar is fully embedded into the system, you can easily see any relevant upcoming appointments when looking at a contact, listing or property record. So, if you’re on the phone to a potential vendor and you’ve got their contact or property record open in Rex, you can say without missing a beat: “See you next Wednesday!”.

Quickly record valuation details or applicant feedback

Rex helps you spend less time on repetitive data entry, and more time closing deals. Your most important appointments are valuations and viewings, so we’ve made it incredibly simple to add valuation or applicant feedback directly into the Rex calendar event. This feedback will then be visible on the relevant record.


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